Fortress Hong Kong and Broadway Electronics Hong Kong

Lots of people coming and living in Hong Kong want to buy electronics as HK is traditionally known for being a shopping haven and providing cheap electronics.  It really depends on what you want, if you are looking for consumer electronics / gadgets like a camera, phone etc. you can usually get the best deal in bargaining at the Fortress Hong Kong local shops situated in Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai. Nowadays it’s actually cheaper to buy electronics directly online via the amazon electronics store Buying Electronics: Fortress Hong Kong?, it’s actually cheaper than Fortress.

However if you want large electronic items like fridges and washing machines, or a one stop electronic shop you can look go to Fortress Hong Kong or Broadway Electronics Hong Kong.  For Fortress there are two main shops located in Central: on Des Voeux Road and Central Melbourne Plaza.  I’ve found that for large items like TVs, fridges or washing machines you can ask the store salesman for a discount and I usually get between 5-10%.  Even for small items you can get a discount and if you are buying more than 2-3 items they are usually pretty obliging.

These two chains are the largest electronics stores in Hong Kong and they seem to have cornered the market.  As a result unfortunately you’ll find their opening prices are high and if you do your research and know some local suppliers you can actually get some amazing discounts up to 50% off the retail price!  The reason this exists is that the large chain stores have multiple locations around Hong Kong.  HK retail space rental is extremely high, and especially given Fortress Hong Kong has multiple flagship stores in Central Hong Kong, their rental costs must be skyhigh.

So my advice as a HK expat, do you research.  If you have local friends speak to them on where they buy their electronics.  And if you are buying small items that don’t need deliver go straight to the small mum and dad local shops and bargain with them, you’ll get a better price!

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  1. jay-ar yumul says:

    where can i buy sony playstation 3 in your shop here in macau? 160gb or 320gb? how much is it? thanks for the reply.

  2. I love that website layout ! How was it made!? Its really cool.